In my extensive experience treating acne in over 600 clients over the past 5 years, “natural” and “organic” skin care products, which are touted as having “no chemicals” are actually terrible for acne conditions, and, in fact, make acne much worse.

If It Smells Good, It’s Probably Going to Break You Out

Natural and organic skin care lines contain pore-clogging ingredients like shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil and essential oils, and recommend applying them directly to acne-prone areas.

While these ingredients smell good and are “natural,” they are absolutely the worst ingredients to treat acne, because the molecule is so small that they penetrate the pores quickly. I’ve seen it take up to 3 months to unclog the skin and get rid of deep cystic acne after a client has come off a natural and organic skin care routine.

One “Paleo” skin care line marketed for acne contains organic jojoba oil infused with cayenne pepper, neither of which has any value in treating acne. They don’t have anti-bacterial properties nor do they increase cell turnover inside the pore. It’s pure marketing, and aimed at the person who is eating a healthy, low-carb diet and wants to extend those health benefits to their skin care routine.

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The Outside-In Approach to Clearing Acne

I tell my clients that topical medical-grade products flat-out work best on acne, especially those that avoid pore-clogging inactive ingredients and contain active ingredients such as alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA’s, including mandelic acid and lactic acid), beta-hydroxy acid (BHA, or salicylic acid), and benzoyl peroxide, which in my opinion is the fastest way to get clear and stay clear because it penetrates the pore quickly, increases cell turnover, and suffocates the bacteria hanging out deep inside the pores with oxygen. That’s the “outside-in” approach to treating acne.

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The Inside-Out Approach to Clearing Acne

You can supplement strong dermatology skin care products with a gut healing Paleo diet (the inside-out approach) but that will not be enough to get someone clear. You have to start with topical products that work directly on the pores.

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Benefits of Combining a Paleo Diet with Medical-Grade Products

Don’t let the “natural” approach keep you from getting clear! Most of your acne problems can be easily addressed with great acne products.

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and get clear, once and for all!

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