Today posted an article on the pros and cons of Accutane, but forgot the most important point: it doesn’t always work.

I’ve seen clients who have been on Accutane up to 4 times who are still breaking out, and what seems to be happening is they get clear during the process but then their acne flares up again within a year of discontinuing the drug.

It’s so frustrating, but at some point we have to start realizing that Accutane is not the “bullseye” it’s made out to be.

Accutane appears to work really well on oily teenage boys who have inflamed acne on at least 30% of their body (face, chest, back), but for some reason women don’t seem to get the lasting benefits of Accutane that men do.

My #1 advice for anyone who is taking Accutane is to start topical products within 3 months of discontinuation to extend the benefits of the drug as long as possible, so get a Starter Kit for your Acne Type.

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