UPDATED MAY 29, 2021

A multivitamin is often used to fill in gaps in your diet, but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Vitamins are some of the biggest reasons people have unexplained inflamed acne, because they are often filled with iodides and seaweed like algae, spirulina, chlorella, and kelp that inflames the pores and exacerbates acne. Rather than take one multivitamin, we recommend only taking those individual supplements that your body actually needs.

POREspective recommends:

    These supplements are highly recommended for people who have long-term antibiotic use in the past. Probiotics help to re-populate the gut with “friendly” bacteria. The best option is a goat’s milk or sheep’s yogurt, which do not cause acne. Probiotic supplements are good, too.
  • High-Quality Fish Oil:
    Good fats that also act as an anti-inflammatory in the body. While recommended for all acne sufferers, fish oil is particularly beneficial for women whose breakouts are linked to PMS, while cod liver oil give supplemental benefits like vitamin D. Fish oil and cod liver oil may also help shorten the intensity of your breakouts. Alternate fish oil and cod liver oil every other day.
  • Zinc Monomethionine:
    The monomethionine form of zinc known as “Opti-Zinc” is the most bioavailable form of zinc that acts as an anti-inflammatory directly on the pores. Opti-Zinc has been shown to reduce the appearance of inflamed acne and cysts almost as well as oral antibiotics (but without the antibiotic resistance). Discontinue Opti-Zinc once clear.


Check out these approved supplements that won’t break you out:

DISCLAIMER: Vitamin and supplement companies change their ingredients so often we can’t always keep up, and only find out when a client starts breaking out, so the “approved” products listed below may no longer be safe. Always check the ingredient lists on any products you put on your skin against the Food and Supplements List to ensure the products you are taking or eating are still safe for acne. And please let us know if you come across any products that are no longer approved. Our acne community thanks you for your input!

  • While a product may have been approved in the past, it may no longer be approved because:
  • A new pore-clogging ingredient has come to our attention
  • Our large and active client base begins to have problems with certain products or ingredients
  • Manufacturers change their formulas
  • Sources we previously used to check ingredient lists turned out to be incorrect
  • Just because one product in a line is approved it does not mean the entire line is approved
  • Just because one product is approved it does not mean the matching product(s) are


  • Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Adult Probiotics (Once Daily Ultra, For Women, For Men, Mood, Urinary Tract Health)
  • Garden of Life RAW Probiotics Women
  • MegaFood MegaFlora® — 20 billion CFU

Fist Oil

  • Thorne Research Super EPA (CLINIC FAVORITE!)
  • Carlson Labs Elite Omega-3 Gems
  • Spectrum Essentials Fish Oil


  • Source Naturals
  • NOW

Collagen and Organ Complex (hair, skin and nail supplement to replace acne-causing biotin)

Inositol (for acne caused by hormone imbalances like PCOS and high testosterone)

  • Ovasitol Inositol Powder 90 day supply | Myo Inositol 2000mg | D-Chiro Inositol 50mg | 180 packets

Magnesium Glycinate (for rest and relaxation at bedtime)

  • KAL – Magnesium Glycinate 400, 180 tablets

Theanine (recommend as a substitute for Adderall, Concerta, and other ADD medications, which cause acne)

  • Jarrow Formulas Theanine with Green Tea

Stay clear!

Alissa Chasen
POREspective® Acne Care Team

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