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  • Back_to_school

    Back-to-School Acne Care

    Summer time is over, and it’s time to start waking up early to take your kids to school. It’s…

  • woman sweating 3

    Are Your Workouts Breaking You Out?

    Austin’s parks and lakes make it an amazing city for outdoor activity, but the Texas heat and sun can...

  • Wakeboarding on the Snake River

    Why Male Acne Is Different

    Most advertising for acne care products is directed towards women, but men need to address their unique skin issues and...

  • travel2.jpg

    How To Stay Clear During (and After) Travel

    Before I became a licensed esthetician, I was a traveling dermatology sales rep, and I always packed skin care...

  • summer-hats.jpg

    Summer Lovin’!

    How many of you are totally psyched it’s FINALLY summer? Us, too! Whether you are going on a family...

  • camping.jpg

    A Camper’s Guide To Keeping Clear

    Camping season is in full swing! If you like to spend your warm weekends under the stars, maintaining your...