Make the transition from peanut butter to almond butter a smooth one!

Feeling separation anxiety (excuse the pun!) about switching from acne-causing peanut butter to acne-friendly almond butter? Here’s a tip I share with all of my new clients on the best way to keep almond butter from separating,
so you can eat it hassle-free!

  1. Get out your hand blender and put in one beater.
  2. Open your new jar of almond butter.
  3. Put the beater in the almond butter. (Now, hold on tight to the jar!)
  4. Start mixing on low and working your way up to high until it’s fully emulsified (30-60 seconds).
  5. Tighten the cap as tight as it can go, then store the almond butter UPSIDE-DOWN in your refrigerator to prevent it from separating.

Your almond butter will always be mixed and ready to eat!

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