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Online Skin Care Consultation and Personalized Acne Rx Quiz: Take our quiz to get a customized acne solution just for you and change your skin from clogged to clear!

TAKE THE ACNE RX ACNE QUIZ TODAY (password: getclear)

Our Acne Rx Acne Quiz is customized by POREspective®’s proprietary acne classification system, which addresses 6 Acne Types with personalized at-home skin care routines to get and stay clear. Starting with our personalized acne quiz, you’ll learn all about your unique acne type and how to care for it. In addition to the results of your acne quiz, you’ll receive product recommendations from the POREspective® line.

This is a wonderful service for anyone suffering from acne, but especially if you are:

  • new to POREspective® and need help putting together an acne-safe home care routine
  • a loyal customer who needs help improving their existing acne home care routine

TAKE THE ACNE RX ACNE QUIZ TODAY (password: getclear)


Acne patient gets an acne consultation at POREspective Acne Clinic

Since 2011, Alissa Chasen’s proven results with POREspective® have earned the confidence of local and long distance clientele around the United States. Alissa has trained our esthetician consultants as trusted skincare and acne experts whose product recommendations and e-book have been helping acne sufferers attain healthy, clear and glowing skin for more than 11 years.

TAKE THE ACNE RX ACNE QUIZ TODAY (password: getclear)


  • Please be sure to fill out the online acne quiz (password: getclear)
  • We will give you your Acne Rx: a customized home care and treatment plan based on your acne type

TAKE THE ACNE RX ACNE QUIZ TODAY (password: getclear)

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