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Virtual Appointments (USA Only)

Virtual Appointments (USA Only)

Virtual Appointments (USA Only)
for moderate-to-severe acne conditions

Virtual Consultation ($75)
Virtual Check-In ($100)

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NOTE: Virtual appointments are reserved for people who have moderate-to-severe acne only. We do not work long-distance with people who have mild acne conditions. An acne quiz with photo submission is required to confirm you are a good fit for our program. If you do not qualify for our program but have a mild acne condition, we would be happy to recommend a good home care regimen to get you clear.

New To Our Clinic?

Please schedule a New Client Virtual Consultation via FaceTime® or phone with Alissa Chasen in  our Austin, Texas clinic, which includes a simple, 30-minute consultation to include personalized home care regimen, dietary and lifestyle advice.

Followup Virtual (long-distance) Check-In Appointments may be scheduled after 6 weeks of prescribed home care usage.

Note: Appointments require prior clinic approval and are contingent on following all home care and homework assignments from the Consultation or Acne Report. Scheduled appointments will be subject to cancellation if home care products have not been ordered through the online system as recommended.

Virtual Check-In Appointments with Alissa Chasen via phone or FaceTime, which includes troubleshooting, Q&A and home care adjustment.

For Long-Distance clients who are following their prescribed home care (*purchased online or in-clinic in the last 3 months) who are needing troubleshooting or product adjustment. If it has been more than 3 months, please schedule a Consultation to re-establish a relationship with our clinic.

Virtual Appointments Include:

-Troubleshooting and Problem Solving
-Homework Review
-Home Care Adjustment

For best results, we like to speak with our long-distance clients every 6 weeks until acne is under control.

Via FaceTime® or phone. Time Zone: CST (Central Standard Time).

What’s Not Included in your Virtual Appointment:

-Email or phone support
-Followup questions (see Virtual Check-In, Email Check-In and Phone Check-In Appointments for these services)

Other Service Available Long-Distance:

Email Check-In: ($20 per email) includes troubleshooting, problem solving, and home care adjustment.

Personalized Acne Report: ($249)

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