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Personalized Acne Report (Anywhere, USA)

Personalized Acne Report (Anywhere, USA)


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(11 customer reviews)

Your Personalized Acne Report is written by Alissa Chasen after reviewing your answers from the Acne Questionnaire and Acne Quiz + Photo Upload. The completed document will be emailed to you by an Acne Care Specialist in a 3-page printable .pdf document that is yours to keep and refer to forever.

Are you an acne sufferer who has tried and failed every acne product and treatment in the area where you live? Your Personalized Acne Report brings our extensive expertise in treating and clearing acne right to you.

The Personalized Acne Report is the most comprehensive and thorough assessment we offer, and is highly recommended if you have failed to get clear on prescription drugs, including oral antibiotics or Accutane.

Founding esthetician Alissa Chasen has been getting her long-distance clients clear since 2011. Alissa’s goal is to help stop the cycle of frustration and disappointment you’re feeling from every failed attempt to get clear with her unique outside-in and inside-out approach to treating acne.

Your Personalized Acne Report acts as a guide for you to follow at home. In the end, you will have a complete understanding of the root cause of your acne and the exact steps to take to achieve clear skin.

Included in your Personalized Acne Report (Anywhere, USA):

– Analysis of your past medication usage and previous treatments
– Analysis of your current skin care, hair products, and makeup to see if the root cause of your acne is external (pore-clogging products, skin picking)
– Analysis of your current diet to see if the root cause of your acne is internal (inflammatory foods, leaky gut)
– Analysis of your acne and confirm your Acne Type
– Written, individualized home care program for you to follow and show you exactly how to use the products to speed up the healing on the outside
– Written, individualized dietary and supplement recommendations to create deep healing on the inside
– A complete assessment of the causes of your acne and recommendations to get clear will be returned to you via email in a 3-page emailed, printable, .pdf document
– Complimentary copy of the “Clear Your Acne!” E-book

11 reviews for Personalized Acne Report (Anywhere, USA)

  1. Jill

    I am clear!!! I would give more than 5 Stars if I could!! I am out of state so I scheduled a phone consultation. I am just so impressed that even without seeing me face to face (or even virtually) Alissa was able to give me a personalized skin care routine that works for me. I wish I lived in Austin to meet her and give her a big hug!

    So it has been 5 full months of being on my POREspective skin care routine and I am perfectly clear!! It’s actually taken me awhile to write this because I was still in disbelief….I just wanted to make sure my face was legitimately clear before I write a review, (because I never write reviews.) I started clearing up the first month…The first few weeks were good…I felt really dry and I’d still get one or two cysts after eating out like, once. But really, eliminating dairy and iodized salt, and keeping up with my new skin care products really seemed to help. My chest and back are clear from little bumps too! When I visited my family for Christmas, my Mom said that my skin even looks better than when I was “clear” from antibiotics. And that my skin just looked so smooth…and she’s right! My face feels and IS soooo smooth! 😀 Alissa’s products are so pure, and just…awesome. The daily scrub is my fav. I use it morning and night

    I have visited 4 different dermatologists throughout my battle and they all prescribed the same bout of birth control, antibiotics and creams. Did they work short term? Sure. Did any of them talk to me about a diligent skin care routine? No. Sure, some suggested a cleanser or two but no one has ever spent 60 minutes…or 20 minutes for that matter…. going over everything from makeup to detergent with me. And I brought up diet with one dermatologist and she laughed. 🙁 (which made me feel so stupid) she said that acne is genetic and diet has nothing to do with acne. (This is a well established Dermatologist, Harvard grad, tons of other credentials) I just KNEW she was wrong and was constantly googling answers to what diet mistakes I was making…and just trying to figure out how hormonal acne worked etc. So, I love love love nuts, and one day I randomly googled “do nuts cause acne?”. Thankfully, Alissa’s blog about peanuts/peanut butter came up and I scoured her website/blog from head to toe and found her approach so refreshing and just what I was looking for.

    I just can’t believe someone is so knowledgeable and cares enough to take the time and go through each product, and each ingredient, you are using (or have used) and tell you why it is good or bad. So many products that I spend a pretty penny on were SO pore clogging it wasn’t even funny. Wherever you live, if you suffer from acne make an appointment with Alissa. She WILL help you!

  2. Mara

    for anyone on the fence about calling porespective please do…..i have been a long time acne sufferer…never terrible acne…but always getting one or two cysts a month…i have had cortisone injections, been on all topical and oral medications imaginable, had acupuncture, a strict diet, monthly facials, spa treatments…you name it..i have spent thousands and cried a lot…..i have isolated myself with fear of food causing acne…i have seen doctors..natural and conventional and aestheticians…i have done it all…i have never found relief until alissa…she has been so kind and helpful….my first session with her was on the phone as i am a long distance client….her products are the most affordable and her regimen is simple..she wants to get you clear…she will email you and bend over backwards to help! furthermore…you graduate and don’t have to keep getting expensive treatments like most programs…no one has ever offered me that…..or been that honest….please make a facetime or phone appointment..i am so so thankful i did….alissa will help you and you will get clear…wish i would have found her years ago!

  3. Margaret

    I highly recommend POREspective FaceTime consultation to anyone can’t get to the clinic. I’m 38 years old and I have struggled with acne all my life. During my teens it was mild, but as an adult it got worse. Mostly fine bumps but I usually had one or two cystic type breakouts constantly on my face. I always had fine bumps on my neck, back and chest. I’m a very health conscience individual and tried all forms of natural remedies and diets. I finally went the medical route and tried several prescription pills and creams. Nothing worked for any length of time. I know first hand how embarrassing and emotionally scaring acne can be. One day I stumbled across the POREspective practice, online. I’m generally pretty open minded and willing to try anything when it comes to my skin, I don’t want to miss out if there really is a way to be free of acne. I live in the Midwest, so TX is not a small drive for me! I decided, after reading their articles and reading reviews on 3rd party websites that I wanted to have a FaceTime consult to see if they could help me. Acne is never fun to talk about but they patiently listened to my story. I’ve spent a lot of money trying different products, so I was a bit reluctant to order the entire skincare protocol that was recommended, but I also know that normally to get the results you want you have to go “all or nothing”. So, I did. My life has been completely revolutionized!! I love how they slowly get your skin adjusted to the program. I did experience some dryness for the first month, but I will tell you it was a SMALL price to pay. I noticed results pretty much right away. I was religious about my routine of topicals and icing my face. I know sometimes it feels like you’ve tried it all. But what if it works? And it will. All this time I had been approaching it all wrong. Never had I heard that it was certain ingredients in hair products and cosmetics and supplements that were wreaking havoc on my skin. I don’t know why more dermatologists don’t know this. I hope POREspective branches out and trains others all across our country. People need to know this! My confidence has greatly increased now that I feel better about my skin. I love being in control of my skin! Not only is my acne gone, but my skin looks radiant. My husband constantly comments on the difference. Try it, you won’t be disappointed!

  4. Krystal

    Finally, someone who knows what they’re doing and saved me! Slightly embarrasing story ahead but I’m hoping to help a critic (like me) who has reached the end of her rope, find a solution that will work. After the birth of my second child my bad pregnancy skin didn’t get better…unbelievably it got worse. I first tried to clear my skin through diet. No gluten, dairy, sugar, peanuts, eggs or soy. No change after 30 days. Then I changed all my makeup and skin care products to all natural brands. No change. Then I went back to the dreaded dermatologist and tried several different topical creams, gels, pills and peels- for months. No change. It was getting worse. Coconut oil cleansing, apple cider vinegar and lemon juice toner, clay mask. Nothing worked. Then I found Alissa at POREspective. Her education and background were credible. After reading and viewing the methodology I found in her blog, TV appearances, etc I was impressed to find that there was sound research behind it. Why haven’t I seen this approach before? So, I booked a FaceTime appointment and said to myself “if this doesn’t work, I will give up because I’ve tried everything”. Here I am about 7 weeks after meeting with Alissa virtually and my skin looks better than it has in over 4 years. She asked questions that no dermatologist, esthetician, doctor or nutritionist has ever asked me- what’s in your make up, shampoo, facial cleanser, moisturizer, hair products. Then she told me what I could and couldn’t use. Suggested new products to clear me up and fade away the evidence. Plus, gave me a detailed order of applying the products. It works. She’s amazing!

  5. Brandi

    I had struggled with mild acne for years. I am embarrassed to admit that I stayed home from work one day after waking up with a breakout and not being about to cover it up with makeup. I live in Chicago but heard about Alissa when my grandma sent me an article that was in the Austin, Texas newspaper. Working with Alissa long distance is easy. She’s so kind, giving insightful information about steps to take toward clearer skin. It’s been two years and the POREspective products are keeping me clear. I’ve never felt more confident in my skin.

  6. Lauren

    Alissa and the POREspective system changed my life. My skin made me afraid to speak up in meetings because I didn’t want people looking at my face, I caked on makeup, and I would almost never have my picture taken because of how it would make me feel. Alissa was incredibly empathetic, knew what I was going through, and really worked to, not only educate me, but develop a customized approach that would work for me, my diet, and my lifestyle. From someone who had tried every home remedy, prescription pill, and acne regime, nothing got to the root of the issue and fixed my acne permanently like POREspective. I cannot recommend Alissa and POREspective more highly – she really has changed my life and I am so proud of my skin thanks to her!

  7. Elaina

    I found POREspective from an internet search two years ago. My acne was at its worst point. I had tried everything and went to numerous dermatologists. I started using makeup from POREspective’s approved products list and my acne started clearing. I decided to make a virtual appointment with Alissa, I was in DC and she’s in Texas, and it was SO worth it. I incorporated POREspective’s products, followed Alissa’s advice on skin care, and my skin has improved dramatically. No more using makeup to cover acne!! Not to mention their products WORK, they last a while, and their customer service is amazing! I hear back from her within 24 hours. Not a customer service rep but from the owner herself. If you’re looking for a way to clear your acne, look no further. POREspective is the answer.

  8. Barbie

    I am the biggest skeptic because a lot of products make a lot of claims. I heard about Porespective but I thought A) it is probably like all of the other acne products out there and B) I currently own every single acne medicine ever made, so why would I repurchase more of the same acne medicine. But after literally trying every and I mean every single acne regime on the market and prescriptions from 3 dermatologists, I was desperate. Porespective is a game changer, no really a life changer. The products work together perfectly. Even though I was using what I thought were the same products (benzyl peroxide, salycylic acid etc). Porespective is different. They have figured it out! I got the kit for my son. because nothing was working. He has acne, but also sensitive skin. Other medicines would make his face really red, yet he would still break out. I am smart enough to know Accutane is not an option. Porespective is unlike Proactive which will work initially than stops working. Don’t waste your money. With in 1 week on Porespective, his acne had cleared and just kept getting better and better. The serum that they have is great for removing the left over scars he had. I am truly amazed!! After a few weeks, I then purchased the next stronger level because you need to sort of “trick” your skin. The original products were not wasted because he goes back and forth depending on how his skin is. It is sort of like working out, you cannot keep doing the same thing. You need to switch it up. If you use Porespective exactly like the instructions tell you to, I promise it will work! My sister had bad adult cystic acne. She did not believe me when I told her to order Porespective. She was the biggest skeptic. I basically said, you are stupid if you do not order Porespective. Well guess what? she ordered it and is now 100% clear. I could go on and on. I have told several friends about it and they are all amazed. It is so nice now not always searching for another acne product. I am done looking and wasting my money on products that just don’t work. Now whenever I see someone with acne, because I know and feel their pain, I want to make them buy Porespective. Seriously, I would probably buy it for them bc there is no reason to have acne anymore. When I see my son’s friends that have acne, I just die bc I want to help them. If you have acne, get on Porespective! And do it sooner than later so you don’t get the awful acne scars. Don’t wait! That is what I was so worried about for my son. It was the best money i have ever spent. So worth it! It really is the BEST BEST thing ever!! Thank you Porespective!

  9. Barb

    I loved how Alissa spent the time going over the products I was currently using both topically and orally. I felt that a lot of time and attention was given to detail in my personal case and not just trying to prescribe something that has worked before for someone else. I love the fact that not only were we trying to take care of symptoms but we also got to the heart of why my body was continually breaking out. I can’t say enough about how happy I am with my results and saw them almost immediately.

  10. Katie M.

    I’ve had chronic acne since I was in middle school. I saw many dermatologists, but none of their medications worked long-term. A few months ago I started working virtually with Alissa at POREspective. I appreciated her thorough, comprehensive approach that addressed a wide variety of lifestyle factors in addition to products specifically tailored for my acne type. Low and behold, I have finally found relief from my chronic acne! I took her recommendations very seriously, and applied her suggestions as thoroughly and accurately as I could. And it’s working! It’s been wonderful working with her; I’m so thankful for the freedom I finally have with my skin.

  11. Bethany W.

    Porespective has changed my life. Before finding Porespective I tried EVERYTHING to rid my skin of cystic acne that seemed to pop up once a week. I’m an actress, so having less-than-perfect skin was especially stressful. Makeup artists had to spend extra time during shoots to cover up any acne or scarring, which meant more and more makeup, which meant more breakouts. It was incredibly frustrating. I tried everything to heal my skin: monthly facials, products that costed hundreds of dollars, and diet/lifestyle changes. Nothing worked. Then I happened to find porespective and my life changed forever. I’ve now been using Porespective products for almost two years and never worry about my skin anymore–even with very sensitive skin! My skin is always completely clear–so much so that makeup artists are now asking me what my secret is 🙂 I’m so grateful to Porespective!

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