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Enzyme Mask

Enzyme Mask


A water-activated pancreatic enzyme mask that gently removes flaky skin, softens and loosens blackheads, opens up blocked pores, and leaves skin more hydrated. A favorite pre-event treatment to help makeup go on flawlessly!

Paraben-free, fragrance-free, and alcohol-free. Rosacea-safe.

Recommended for:
All Acne Types

Why it works:
Pancreatic enzymes bromelain and papain act on the outermost layer of skin, gently dissolving flaky skin and plugs inside the pores, and softening the skin so if feels more hydrated.

Bromelain, derived from the stems and juice of pineapples, is considered the strongest of all the enzymes. Bromelain gently breaks down the bonds holding dead cells onto the skin, is an antibacterial agent, and speeds up the skin’s natural exfoliation process, all with minimal downtime.

Papain, derived from papaya, functions as both an exfoliant and a moisturizer, leaving the skin brighter with a more even skin tone.

Recommended frequency:
3x/week before AM or PM routine

Important: Powder is activated by moisture. Just before application, measure enough powder for one application and mix with water to activate the enzyme. Do not let remainder of powder in jar get wet; otherwise, it will activate the entire jar. Keep product in a dry, cool environment away from direct sunlight until ready to use.

Thoroughly cleanse area to be treated, leaving skin moist. Measure a scoop of enzyme powder into the palm of hand and add warm water to activate the enzyme, a few drops at a time, mixing with fingers until it is emulsified and there are no lumps. Work into the skin to exfoliate, then leave on 5-10 minutes, until mask dries. Remove with a wet washcloth, paying close attention to the hairline. Apply Soothing Toner with a cotton pad to stop enzyme action and calm the skin.

If used in the morning, proceed with Toner and Exfoliating Serum for your Acne Type, and finish with Daily Moisturizer and approved sunscreen. If used in the evening, proceed with Toner, Hydrating Gel and Clearing Gel for your Acne Type.

Avoid direct contact with eyes. Do not use on irritated, sensitive, or sunburned skin. Do not leave on more than recommended time. If you experience stinging, a burning sensation, or redness, wash off enzyme immediately and apply a cool compress. Avoid sun exposure and hair removal for 24 hours before and after treatment. Use at least an SPF 30 everyday for sun protection.

Active ingredients:
Pancreatin Enzyme Complex (Bromelain Enzyme, Papain Enzyme)

Special features:
-Easy dosing scoop (included)
-Dissolves dead skin cells on the surface of the skin
-Increases cell turnover inside the pore
-Noncomedogenic so it won’t clog pores
-Suitable for all acne and rosacea types – normal, dry, oily, sensitive

Recommended Add-On’s:
Daily Wash
Soothing Toner
Daily Moisturizer
EltaMD UV Clear (Untinted)

1 oz / 28 g


*Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information associated with our products should not be considered medical advice. A licensed physician should be consulted for the treatment of all ailments or disease.

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