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Acne Treatments with Alissa Chasen

Acne Treatments with Alissa Chasen

Facial Acne Treatments with Alissa Chasen

Returning in May, 2021!! Contact Us for details.

FRESH START (90 minutes): First Appointment for All New and Returning Clients
Includes POREspective home care setup and treatment plan.

CLEAN SWEEP (60 minutes)
Recommended if you need a deeper monthly treatment, which allows more time for a thorough cleaning with steam, more extractions to purge existing acne plugs, and extra layers of our specialized chemical peel to exfoliate the skin, smooth overall texture, and flush deep acne impactions to the surface. A stronger, medical-grade chemical peel may be appropriate if you are no longer needing extractions but are working on minimizing hyperpigmentation or scarring.

REFRESH (45 minutes)
Choose this option if you are coming in every 2 weeks for treatments while you have active acne OR if your acne is under control and you want a lighter monthly treatment for maintenance.

Additional extractions may be added in 10-minute increments at $1 per minute

Facial Acne Treatments Include:

-Double Extractions* (machine and manual extractions)
-Chemical Peel** to treat Acne, Pigmentation and/or Scarring (may substitute Diamond-Tip Microdermabrasion or Enzyme if pregnant or lactating)
-Calming, Soothing or Purifying Mask
-Acne-Safe Sunscreen
-Home Care Adjustment

For best results, I see clients for a treatment every 2 weeks until acne is under control. For densely congested skin types, the entire appointment time may be used exclusively for extractions. I will give you what your skin needs most at your appointment.

Marked improvement is usually evident within the first 2-4 treatments with home care. As the skin clears, the time between treatments may be extended.

Pregnant, nursing, or immunocompromised clients will receive microdermabrasion or a healing enzyme treatment in place of the chemical peel.

*Extractions are not guaranteed, may require two or more appointments, and depends on diligent use of assigned acne home care products in order to soften lesions.

Read more about Medical Extractions.

See FAQ about Acne Treatments.

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