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“Clear Your Acne!” E-book (8-Week E-Course)

“Clear Your Acne!” E-book (8-Week E-Course)


Now Available Worldwide!


Alissa Chasen, medical esthetician, acne expert and co-creator of POREspective® Acne Solutions created this “Clear Your Acne!” E-book to help every acne sufferer in need.

The information in this E-book allows you to take back control of your skin and finally clear your acne, no matter where you live.

This E-book was initially created because Alissa’s “waiting list” to see new clients for in-clinic and virtual consultations was years-long, limiting her ability to help everyone who needs it.

Alissa has since retired from the treatment room, but this course represents hundreds of hours of work documenting Alissa’s protocols for getting clear.

Writing the “Clear Your Acne!” E-book has allowed Alissa and POREspective® to go from being able to work with only one client at a time to being able to help acne sufferers everywhere!

Emphasizing the educational aspects of treating acne will help you regain control of your acne issues and ensures an action plan for a lifetime of clear skin, without the need to be on any particular skin care product or regimen.

This E-book will help you figure out exactly why you are breaking out, what you need to remove, and what you need to start doing in order to get clear and stay clear.

Additionally, this E-book will help you identify the underlying causes of your acne and help you create a home care regimen based on your skin’s needs.

Plus, all of those foods we recommend staying away from because they break you out also slow you down and bloat you up

You can expect to learn a lot about all of the little things that could be breaking you out. You’ll learn how to read ingredient lists, whether on beauty products, food items or vitamins/supplements, and you’ll learn how to be an “acne detective” to figure out what is causing your acne so you can make better choices to get clear.


Every chapter is a different weekly acne topic along with Alissa’s best tips, tools, tricks and insider information about treating acne.

Each topic builds on itself to optimize learning. Each chapter has two “knowledge checks” to ensure the information has a real-world application for you!

Chapter 1 (Week 1): Skin Care, Makeup and Hair Products: assessing if your products are acne-causing or acne-safe

Chapter 2 (Week 2): The Best Ingredients for Acne: determining the best ingredients to clear your acne, including prescription products

Chapter 3 (Week 3): What’s Touching Your Skin?: considering anything touching your skin that could be the culprit of your acne issues (some of these will surprise you!)

Chapter 4 (Week 4): Hormones, Stress and Sleep: determining if your birth control is helping or causing your acne, and how to reduce stress levels to lower acne-causing cortisol

Chapter 5 (Week 5): Picking, Popping and Mindless Touching: take our “skin picking quiz” to see if you are mindless or purposeful picker to determine if you have a picking problem, plus tips to quit your picking habit

Chapter 6 (Week 6): Eat Less Bad Foods: going to your pantry to find the foods that are causing your acne, and learning how to read food labels to know if your diet is the cause of your acne (all of those foods we recommend staying away from because they break you out also slow you down and bloat you up)

Chapter 7 (Week 7): Eat More Good Foods: learning which foods you currently eat that are good for your skin, and tips to try new “skin-happy” foods

Chapter 8 (Week 8): The Clear Skin Diet: putting it all together into a diet you can live with (clear your skin and lose weight by eating clean)


Knowledge Checks Include:

-looking through your current skin care, makeup and hair products
-how to read package inserts from any prescription acne products or birth control you are taking
-how to be an “acne detective”and consider every single thing that comes into contact with your skin that could be the cause of your acne
-taking our “skin picking quiz” to determine if you have a picking problem, and how to quit your picking habit
-recommendations for lowering your stress levels, including meditation and sleep recommendations
-taking a trip to your pantry and reading ingredient lists on any foods you are eating or any vitamins or supplements you are taking
-adding foods that clear your skin and cutting out foods that are causing your acne
-putting together an acne-safe diet that works with your lifestyle


After completing payment, you have two options:

  1. Return to the Merchant (POREspective®) and click on the yellow button that says “Clear Your Acne!” E-book.
  2. Open your email receipt and under “Download” click “Clear Your Acne!” E-book.


Please see “Clear Your Acne!” E-book FAQ for more information.


*The information in this e-book is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information associated with our products should not be considered medical advice. A licensed physician should be consulted for the treatment of all ailments or disease.

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