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“I promised myself I would wait a year to write a review of POREspective®, because as any acne sufferer knows, certain products or treatments may work initially and then stop.

I am a 32-year-old female, and have been experiencing acne since my early twenties. I have had dozens of laser treatments, tried topical prescriptions, oral medications, and over the counter products. I suffered through years of low self-esteem, avoiding social situations, and painful cystic acne.

I decided to go to Alissa after my insurance would not pay for Accutane treatments, and my dermatologist actually recommended Alissa.

I am incredibly grateful to have been directed to POREspective®, because it was life changing. Alissa’s holistic approach, teaching me about the type of acne I had, products to avoid, food that triggers acne, and even supplements that help reduce acne. In addition, the products she recommends are affordable and effective.

Alissa is professional, personable, and completely dedicated to helping people improve their skin. I could go on and on about how amazing Alissa is, but the bottom line is that I have been acne free since following her recommendations and it has been just over a year.” -Annie F., Austin, Texas

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“I have been suffering from hormonal acne since I was 14 years old (I’m now 28). I have spent thousands of dollars on many different treatments over the years.

Let me just say, Alissa Chasen was the answer for me. I was almost ready to try Accutane when a friend of mine recommended POREspective®. I’m so glad she did because this approach is so much more natural and less detrimental than Accutane.

I was 95% clear within 2 weeks and 100% clear within 3 months. Her products are reasonably priced and extremely effective. I cannot sing her praises enough and recommend that anyone who is concerned with their skin call her immediately.

It’s worth the wait for her first available appointment. Just book it and don’t look back.” -Ashley N., Austin, Texas

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“I can’t believe that I can say I have clear skin! I’ve struggled with horrible hormonal acne for six years. I went to so many dermatologists who didn’t care, nor did they have the time. I was put on medications, face wash, and creams that didn’t work. I was desperate to find a solution!

I was so embarrassed of my skin, and had days where I felt like I couldn’t face the world. It emotionally took its toll on me.

I found POREspective® online, and at first was very skeptical. I had tried so many things that didn’t work. Alissa assured me that I would have clear skin, and WOW did she ever deliver! It took a few months for me to start seeing results because my skin was so clogged of impurities and junk, but it dramatically changed.

She is the skin guru, and dedicates time and energy to each of her clients to get you clear.

If you’re thinking that nothing can work for you…think again. YOU WILL see amazing results! I go to the gym with no makeup on, and I constantly have people telling me that my skin looks great.

I owe everything to her!” -Kristi S., Austin, Texas

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“If you are reading this and thinking of booking an appointment with Alissa, stop what you are doing right now and call her. You can thank me later, because the longer you wait, the more you will regret it! She is a true miracle worker.

Finding Alissa is one of the best things I ever did in my twenties. I only wish I had known that her services existed before. How did I find Alissa, you say? It went down one hot summer day while drinking chardonnay on the back porch with one of my best friends. We both had suffered from moderate adult acne in our mid twenties, then like magic, her face appeared glowing, perfect, smooth, and she could go make-up free! I literally noticed the difference in her skin over the course of 4-6 weeks. I begged her to tell me her secret weapon. She forwarded me Alissa’s contact info.

I considered not going with Alissa because I had amazing insurance and I figured my adult acne would be more appropriate for an expensive dermatologist to deal with. My friend explained to me that that wasn’t necessary because they would probably over treat me and put me on medications that have harmful side effects. She urged me to go to Alissa first to get a full assessment of what was causing my acne because it could simply be my skincare products and chemicals around the house that were coming into contact with my face. I am SO glad that I went with Alissa!

The first appointment consisted of going through all of my high-end facial products. I used the most expensive products in hopes that they would cure my cystic acne, but nothing had improved my skin’s condition. Alissa spent a whole hour advising which products to throw away and which ones to keep based on her in-depth research about chemicals that exacerbate acne. We discussed dryer sheets, my diet, and my skincare routine. She extracted my current breakout areas, gave me a skin treatment and sent me home with acne skincare products that she had tested on herself first.

Here it is almost 2 months later and my skin is INCREDIBLE. I am in disbelief that my skin could be so clear. My last session with her resulted in no breakout areas to extract because my skin has healed and my acne is gone! Right now we are working on removing the redness and scars left by my acne, but I can see the areas improving every day.

I can’t explain how good it feels to not have to wear makeup. This is definitely a first for me! I cannot recommend her enough. She turned me into a confident woman who isn’t hiding behind concealers and powders trying to mask acne.

Thanks again Alissa! I feel like a new woman!” -Chasity L., Austin, Texas

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“I moved to Texas from Colorado in May. During my move, I experienced the worst breakout I have had in my life. I was in a new town and didn’t want to leave the house because my face was in such bad shape. I cried almost every morning when I looked at my face. I had to leave for a wedding that was back in Colorado and people I hadn’t seen in years literally cringed when they saw my face. It hurt to smile, talk, and eat.

I stumbled across Alissa’s website and decided to give her a call. She actually had a conversation with me on the phone about my skin and possible solutions. How many derms have you ever spoken to on the phone? I had tried everything else to get rid of the acne I had been battling for years. I was able to see her that evening and she started me on a skin care regimen. It took a lot of dedication, time, (and ice!) but on my last visit with Alissa on August 10th, I ‘graduated’ from acne treatments with clear skin! I never would have guessed that my skin would respond so quickly and look so amazing in 90 days.

I recently went to another wedding with the same group of people I saw in May, three months after I began my plan for clear skin with Alissa. I received so many compliments on how great I looked! My skin looked amazing and I didn’t have a single blemish.

Alissa has given me the confidence to go back out in public, meet new people, and experience Austin! For anyone who has spent hundreds of dollars on pills, drug store solutions, Proactive, etc. without results should really call Alissa. She truly cares about your skin and the results you are getting.

I promise you will find the answer for clear skin with Alissa!” -Stephanie G., Austin, Texas

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