About POREspective® Acne Control Products

POREspective® founding esthetician Alissa Chasen has personally cleared thousands of client’s faces (and millions of pimples) and gained national acclaim with pages of 5-star reviews.

Now you can reap the benefits of the expert behind the brand by finding your acne type and purchasing your introductory starter kit utilizing Alissa’s all-star proprietary skin care solutions.


  • We use the most up-to-date research and resources in the industry to guide us in formulating products that contain optimal concentrations of ingredients proven to help a variety of acne types.
  • We work closely with several FDA-registered and cGMP-compliant facilities in the United States to develop and manufacture these high-purity, pharmaceutical-grade (USP) products for the home treatment of acne.


  • Our serums are placed in 100% recyclable glass bottles–an impermeable material that ensures freshness and product performance. These dispensing pumps let just the right amount of product out, so nothing goes to waste.
  • Our benzoyl peroxides and hydrators/moisturizers come in 100% recyclable airless pumps. Keeping air out of pumps inhibits contamination and improves product shelf life. These pumps also let just the right amount of product out, so nothing goes to waste.
  • The rest of our formulas are packaged in 100% recyclable plastic tubes and bottles with a reduced opening, to protect the product as much possible from potential contamination by air.


We are dedicated to improving, treating, and clearing acne. With so many acne products on the market today, the majority fall short of desired results. We believe in spending more time researching and incorporating results-oriented ingredients that will produce truly exceptional results.


By staying current with the latest scientific research, we will continue to launch new products that show clinical efficacy to acne sufferers around the country. At POREspective®, we strive to deliver breakthrough technologies and create a solution for treating acne at home by combining clinical research with proven, high-quality ingredients to achieve maximum product effectiveness and give our customers the clear skin they deserve.


You deserve to know what’s in the products we sell so you know what you are putting on your skin. We publish the full ingredient lists for each of our products here.

Reduced Waste
POREspective® removes all unnecessary outer packaging, including boxes and package inserts, that will just end up in our landfills. Instead, all critical labeling information is listed on the bottle and full labeling information is listed on the product page of this website. Additionally, removing unnecessary outer packaging allows us to sell our high-quality acne products at a lower price.

POREspective® provides packaging that is fully recyclable.  All unusable paper, plastics, glass, and other components used in the branding and shipping of POREspective® products are recycled.

Manufacturing Practices
POREspective® takes GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) very seriously. GMP guidelines are a large part of our quality control system. The production facilities we work with in California, Texas, and Florida are FDA-registered and cGMP-compliant, and each batch of our products is subjected to quality control measures. GMP minimizes the risk of quality and inconsistency within each finished product.

No Animal Testing
Testing on animals is of little use for predicting the effect of chemicals on human beings, and many animals are euthanized after being used in an experiment. POREspective® does not believe in the experimentation or testing of products on animals.

No Parabens
Some clinical studies suggest chemical preservatives such as parabens may potentially have health risks. POREspective® is dedicated to providing products without the use of parabens.

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