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Lisa’s Journey to Clear Skin with POREspective

Lisa’s acne problems began with hormonal teenage acne and worsened with DIY (do it yourself) at-home products. At age 14 she took to Pinterest and became her own kitchen chemist, creating cleansers and lotions made from sunflower oil, shea butter and vegetable glycerin. Like many people, she thought natural meant less harmful to the skin, but that is not always the case.

Our acne education library has numerous natural ingredients that can damage your skin, causing more clogged pores and pimples than you can ever imagine.  Needless to say, her breakouts became inflamed and her acne-prone skin only got worse.

At age 15, Lisa found our website and ordered one of our starter acne kits.  All of our starter kits come with step-by-step instructions, plus free product samples for your acne type.

Lisa’s journey to clear skin took about 12 weeks. She started with our Blackheads Kit and added our Mandelic Serum for folliculitis on her forehead. She then began using our Hormonal Acne Kit-to-Clear, and now her personalized daily skin care regimen includes:

Lisa’s Morning Acne Skincare Routine

Washing her face with our Daily Wash. A special blend of allantoin and chamomile, Daily Wash is a mild foaming cleanser that leaves the skin completely clean without feeling stripped.


Icing her acne to decrease inflammation and tone down red, angry pimples.

Applying an alcohol-free toner to keep her skin from drying out. Many over-the-counter acne regimens can make your skin peel and flake.  Our Purifying Toner contains the antimicrobial properties of benzoic and salicylic acid to disinfect acne-prone skin and reduce the appearance of large pores. We recommend you keep it in your gym bag with a supply of cotton pads for an excellent post-workout clean-up. Or, try our new on-the-go Toner Pads which are also perfect for oily and combination skin to control mid-day shine, decongest pores, and reduce breakouts, or for after-workout to remove acne-causing sweat, dirt, and grime.

Lisa then uses our Mandelic Serum to help fade old acne spots. She has found that her pigmentation has faded and her skin texture is much smoother. 

Her final morning skin care step is to use her favorite product, our Daily Moisturizer. One of our most popular products, this is a lightweight moisturizer that reduces the tightness and dryness associated with acne treatments and medications. It also imparts extra hydration when layered under sunscreen or mixed with vitamin A derivatives such as Differin®, Retin-A®, generic tretinoin, and Tazorac® to increase “spreadability.” Daily Moisturizer’s water-light texture leaves a silky matte finish, making it an excellent makeup primer.

Lisa’s Evening Skincare Routine

In the evening, Lisa begins her nighttime skincare regimen with her cleanser and toner, followed by Hydrating Gel to keep her skin hydrated and smooth and protect it from getting dry from her acne medication.

She follows with our Clearing Gel (2.8) with benzoyl peroxide, which helps clear up her skin along with our Overnight Treatment with micronized benzoyl peroxide, which destroys acne-causing bacteria while sulfur breaks down whiteheads and pustules and acts as an antibacterial inside the pores to effectively dry and shrink unsightly pimples overnight.