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16 weeks to clear skin
Kati B. from Lockhart, Texas

Kati’s Story

My freshman year at The University of Texas is when I first started to notice my acne. I had acne in high school, but normally just a few breakouts here and there.

As my acne started to worsen, I decided to see the university doctor and I was immediately prescribed antibiotics and Retin-A on my first visit.

Antibiotic prescription container open.

Antibiotics prescribed for acne

I made several appointments with a dermatologist and after my initial appointment, I was prescribed the same thing.

So I went on antibiotics and Retin-A and stayed on them for two years. During the first year and a half my face was pretty clear, but I still continued to have a few breakouts more often than I would like. For the remaining half a year, I used antibiotics off and on because I didn’t feel they were effective anymore and also felt sick every time I took them.

I then decided to stop taking antibiotics all together, but my face became inflamed and filled with breakouts very quickly. My face hurt terribly from the breakouts and I also felt very self conscious going anywhere; especially when meeting people.

So my parents then suggested I try seeing an acupuncturist. I went a few times for acupuncture. I also took Chinese medicine and cut out all dairy products, but this did not really seem to help either.



I then decided to go back to the dermatologist, but this time was prescribed Accutane and birth control. I remember leaving the dermatologist office in tears because I did not want to go on these powerful drugs and felt my acne would never go away.

A Roche Holding AG's Accutane acne pill package is photographed in a pharmacy in Wilmette, Illinois on Friday, November 19, 2004. Concerns for the drug was expressed by FDA medical reviewer David Graham who told a U.S. Senate panel that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration should scrutinize the drug's side effects. Photographer: Tannen Maury/ Bloomberg News

Inspired to look for another option, I started searching for other ways to cure acne and happened upon Alissa’s website. I found POREspective but had to wait to get in. I’ll admit that I was skeptical at first because I felt like I had tried many things and nothing was working, but I decided to give Alissa a shot before going on Accutane.

I must say I am so glad I did give POREspective a chance, because Alissa has completely cleared my skin. It’s literally a miracle to me that I am acne free!!! My friends and family are always complimenting my skin now because of Alissa. I am so thankful for her and her passion to help people get clear. She has helped me love myself more than ever. I feel a lot more self-confident because of her.

So if you have any reservations, I would urge to you give POREspective a chance. Alissa is so understanding and great to work with. She will do everything possible to get you clear and I promise if you follow what she says and push through her skin care regiment you will have glowing skin too. Thank you Alissa! -Kati B., Lockhart, Texas

Alissa Chasen

Licensed-esthetician and creator of POREspective

Kati started on POREspective’s Teen Acne Kit and strengthened to Clearing Gel 5.0 then 10.0 to get clear in 16 weeks.


Lifestyle Changes
Kati was using Bare Minerals Matte, a shampoo with five pore-clogging ingredients (sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium chloride, algae extract and wheat germ oil), a conditioner with almond and olive oil, and a conditioner with decyl oleate and algae extract. I recommended she switch to Bare Minerals Original and purchase shampoo and conditioner from our “products we love” list.


She was also picking at her skin both mindlessly and on purpose, so I recommended band-aids and keeping her hands away from face.  One trick I recommend is wearing band aids on the pointer fingers, which tend to lightly scratch the skin and act as a reminder to stay away from mindless touching.

BAND-AID(R) Brand Adhesive Bandages partners with renowned designer Cynthia Rowley to launch limited-edition "Dress-Up" Adhesive Bandages. (PRNewsFoto/BAND-AID(R) Brand Adhesive Bandages)

Like a skincare sleuth, I asked Kati many questions about the products she uses and what her day-to-day activities involve. There are a surprising amount of changes that can be made to help keep acne under control.

For example, she was using Mrs. Meyer’s fabric softener with coconut oil which can exacerbate skin issues.

11-meyers washer

Note: I also recommended that she discontinue all fabric softeners and dryers sheets, since they leave an acne-causing residue on pillowcases and towels.


Healthy Diet Alternatives

Kati was also eating yogurt and drinking cow’s milk, so I recommended trying almond milk without carrageenan and sheep’s or goat’s yogurt.


Water wave

At the time, Kati was living in a rural area in a home that has a water softener, so I recommended using Purifying Toner after each contact with her tap water to remove potassium chloride that is added to her water supply that was causing her acne.

Stay clear!

Alissa Chasen
POREspective® Acne Care Team

Depending on your budget and goals, there are a number of ways I can help you get the clear skin you want (and deserve!):
● Find your Acne Type 
● Purchase a Kit-to-Clear
● Purchase the “Clear Your Acne!” E-book


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