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Interview with Brooke Stacey, Fitness Model


I struggled with adult acne for several years before finding an acne care specialist in my area that not only makes products specialising in acne reduction but coaches you through common soaps, foods and household items that tend to make us break out. So, I would have to say that my POREspective face products and coaching has saved me and my skin (…

~ Brooke Stacey

Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine, Feb. 2017 (The “Love” Issue)

Here’s what Brooke has to say about her experience following the POREspective home care, diet and lifestyle plan to clear her acne:

I was referred to POREspective by both my gynecologist and dermatologist after 5 years of constant breakouts and a round of Accutane that never completely cleared me… Within 8 weeks of working with POREspective, I had “graduated” with clear skin; 6 months later at the launch party for my first Oxygen magazine cover, I was still clear and the clearest I’ve been in over 5 years.


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