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important information for new clients

How can I get clear with POREspective?

Depending on your budget and goals, there are a number of ways for you to get clear skin with us:

What’s the first step to becoming a client? Getting your acne education!

If you wish to work with our clinic, whether you are local or long-distance, you will need to start with an Acne Consult + Treatment (WAIT LIST ONLY: INCLUDES ENROLLMENT IN DIGITAL ACNE COURSE) OR Acne Report (REPORT EMAILED IN 7 DAYS: INCLUDES ENROLLMENT IN DIGITAL ACNE COURSE).

The Acne Report and Acne Consultation + Treatment address the analytical and educational aspect of treating acne, which ensures you the proper treatment plan for a lifetime of clear skin.

NOTE: You will need to be on the recommended home care regimen from your Acne Quiz + Photo Upload for 2+ weeks prior to receiving your first skin treatment. We cannot do extractions or a chemical peel if your skin has not been pre-treated.

OPTION #1: ACNE REPORT (analysis and recommendations are emailed within 7 days: includes complimentary enrollment in our 8-Week Acne Course)

The Acne Report is the most comprehensive and thorough assessment we offer, and is highly recommended if you have failed to get clear on prescription drugs or Accutane.

If you opt for the Acne Report, you’ll receive your emailed report within 7 days of submitting your Acne Quiz + Photo Upload and 15-page Acne Questionnaire. Once your receive your report via email, you will be eligible to make your First Followup Appointment 2+ weeks after you start the recommended home care regimen and complete all of the homework assignments.

For the most complicated acne cases, following the recommendations in the report is enough to get them clear.

OPTION #2: ACNE CONSULT + TREATMENT (wait list only: includes complimentary enrollment in our 8-Week Acne Course)

The in-person Acne Consult + Treatment is a 90-minute explanation of our acne program plus an acne treatment, and is recommended if you need face-to-face communication in order to learn the educational component of our acne protocols.

Our office will contact you to schedule your Consultation once your forms have been submitted. Please return your Acne Quiz + Photo Upload so we can assess if you are a good fit for our program. Once you have been approved for the program, we will ask you to put a valid credit card on your profile, fill out the 15-page Acne Questionnaire, and submit your Practice Policies. Once we’ve received your forms and have a valid credit card on file, we will contact you to get you scheduled.

As current clients’ skin clears, appointment space will become available for new clients. Thank you for your patience while we uphold the highest quality of customer care for our existing clients. Once you come in for your appointment, we promise that the same care will be given to you.

How do I make an appointment for my first treatment?

After 2+ weeks on your recommended starter kit and completing the recommended homework from your Acne Report, you will be eligible to schedule a First Follow-Up Appointment or Virtual Check-In appointment. Or, after receiving clinic approval and purchasing your recommended starter kit, you will be eligible to schedule an Acne Consult + Treatment appointment (skin must be pre-treated for 2+ weeks before your first skin treatment). Our office will contact you to schedule your Consultation once your forms have been submitted.

What if I am an out-of-town client?

Out-of-town clients are welcome!
 A large portion of our client base is from outside of the Austin area. You simply need to schedule a Virtual Consult (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE) or purchase an Acne Report (REPORT EMAILED IN 7 DAYS: INCLUDES ENROLLMENT IN DIGITAL ACNE COURSE) in order to establish a relationship with our clinic. Follow-up appointments may be conducted in person, by phone, or through FaceTime®.

Do you take insurance?

Our clinic does not accept any form of medical insurance or Medicaid. Many of our clients, however, are able to use their Flexible Spending Account (FSA) through their employer. All plans are different, so you should contact your FSA administrator prior to your first appointment with us to see what their specific qualifications are and what they will cover. We are happy to provide you with an itemized receipt so you can easily submit it under your FSA.