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Halloween Beauty Breakouts

halloween makeup for acne

Is this look worth the post-Halloween breakouts?

All that glitters is NOT gold when it comes to using makeup for your Halloween costume. These are the tips I give my clients on how to prevent post-Halloween makeup breakouts.

You have two choices: you can either find acne-safe substitutes for pore-clogging Halloween makeup or undo the damage at the end of the night.

Option #1: Find Acne-Safe Substitutes

Clogged pores, acne outbreaks and allergic reactions are a sure thing with this stuff. Play it safe by applying acne-friendly mineral powder to your problem areas and save the greasy, theater stuff for your eyes and lips. Want your makeup to go on flawlessly? Start with Enzyme Mask to get rid of any flaky skin that powder tends to adhere to.

DYING to go “all out” with your costume this year? A patch test behind the ear can highlight potential problems–BEFORE they happen on your face.

  • Avoid MACne after Halloween: MAC and other liquid makeup contains algae extract, a known pore clogger. Most liquid foundations carry some amount of oil for the consistency and binding, and these oils will break you out! Play it safe and use a mineral-based foundation powder instead.
  • Choose acne-safe choices for face “makeup”:
    Zombies, football players: kaolin, clay or charcoal mask
    Voodoo dolls, 18th century costumes: fragrance-free baby powder or rice-based mineral setting powder
    Grown-up Halloween makeup that won’t break you out: start with your regular acne-friendly mineral powder like BareMinerals Original loose powder foundation, then apply MAKE UP FOR EVER’s glow-in-the dark Fluo Night to your eyelids and lips. Change your front porch bulb to a black light and show off your bewitching look to the neighborhood Trick-or-Treaters!

Option #2: Undo the Damage

If you can’t stay away from the heavy theatrical makeup, at least try to minimize the amount of time the pore-clogging gunk is on your face. When you get home, make it a priority to wash off your Halloween makeup. Start with pre-cleansing your skin with a facial wipe to remove as much makeup as you can, then follow with a medicated 2-in-1 exfoliant like Clearing Scrub to remove all traces that have settled into your pores while also killing bacteria. Then, sleep with a benzoyl peroxide gel on your face, which works for up to 3 hours to go down the pores to attack whatever is left behind.

Don’t let your fear of breaking out keep you from getting your tricks and treats! Most of these concerns can be easily solved with great acne products and acne education created by our lead acne expert.

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