Women can spend their whole lives dealing with the roller coaster effects of hormonal acne, which usually shows up once a month as painful, under-the-skin cysts on the chin and around the mouth, but may extend to the jawline, cheeks, nose, and forehead.

Many events in a woman’s life add up to a greater propensity for hormonal acne, including monthly menstrual periods, going on and off birth control, pregnancy, post-pregnancy, and menopause.

This is very different from men, who experience one giant hormonal flare-up in their teens and taper off from there.

Any life event has the ability to cause acne, but premenstrual acne affects over 60% of women–a flare-up that occurs around 2-7 days before the beginning of their period (also known as the “third week monster”).

We can thank the hormone estrogen for premenstrual acne, whose levels drop around two weeks after menstruation, causing testosterone to surge and stimulate the oil glands. When oil production increases, an acne flare-up is much more likely.

At POREspective®, we see many new female clients who are between the ages of 35 and 45 and are sick and tired of having that one big hormonal flare-up every month. They had mild acne in their teens and 20s but it became dramatically worse in the first trimester of pregnancy, three months after childbirth, after trying a new form of birth control pill or IUD, or after going off of birth control altogether. Sound familiar?

These clients got their pores clear without dryness or irritation with our mildest products, which we’ve packaged in a 90-day home care routine called Hormonal Kit-to-Clear.

If you’re acne-prone and needing to use birth control, check out the terrific handout we give to all of our female clients on choosing an acne-friendly birth control.

While hormonal acne is frustrating, simple solutions like regular skin care treatments and safe, therapeutic-grade products can get rid of your acne–for good!


Check out our entire line of acne products
and get clear, once and for all!

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