Brooke Stacey’s Secret to an Acne-Free Lifestyle

We love our client Brooke Stacey’s passion for sports and the outdoors and her physical transformation through hard work in the gym and dedication to clean eating on

Here’s what Brooke has to say about her experience following the POREspective home care, diet and lifestyle plan to clear her acne:


I was referred to POREspective by both my gynecologist and dermatologist after 5 years of constant breakouts and a round of Accutane that never completely cleared me.

As a fitness model, I had gotten into the habit of doing spray tans and having airbrush makeup applied during photo shoots, and hadn’t realized that both were breaking me out. Also, I was using what I thought was the best makeup, hair products, and skin care products on the market without realizing they contained pore-clogging ingredients.

Within 8 weeks of working with POREspective, I had “graduated” with clear skin; 6 months later at the launch party for my first Oxygen magazine cover, I was still clear and the clearest I’ve been in over 5 years.

POREspective’s in-clinic acne treatments, discontinuing acne-causing whey protein powders and supplements, and the addition of a POREspective skin care routine has helped me get and stay acne-free.

I am thrilled with my new complexion, and getting ready in the morning is so easy now because I don’t have to layer on the concealer. I can sweat it out in the gym and not have to worry about getting any new breakouts.

Thank you, POREspective!

Get to Know Brooke Stacey

Beauty tip: “Always wash your face and moisturize before bed. And always wear sunscreen!”
Makeup mantra: “Less is more! Accentuate your beautiful features with as little make up as possible.”
Favorite exercise: “Free weights doing squats.”
Favorite dinner before a photo shoot: “Steeping Room in Austin. Their Buda Bowl is delicious and nutritious!”
Cuisine quirk: “I don’t care for pasta at all – never have!”
Daily indulgence: “Morning coffee with as much fat-free, French vanilla creamer as my heart desires!”
Beauty idol: “Marissa Miller – Sports Illustrated swimsuit model.”
Favorite shoe: “Valentino Rock Studs, any color!”
Favorite vacation spot: “Mexico, Hawaii and Colorado! It’s always great to get away for the weekend with a change of scenery and climate change.”

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