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8-Week Acne Course FAQ

What can I expect from this course?

You can expect to learn a lot about all of the little things that could be breaking you out. You’ll learn how to read ingredient lists, whether on beauty products, food items or vitamins/supplements, and you’ll learn how to be an “acne detective” to figure out what is causing your acne so you can make better choices to get clear.

How long will it take me to get through the course?

A module will be delivered each week, with two small homework assignments to help you apply the information. If you read each module and do the homework assignments within a week of delivery, you will complete the course in 8 weeks. However, it is up to you when you start, and you can take the course at your own pace. Students love the course so much that they go through it more than once. You will have unlimited access to all course content for one year.

Do I have to sign up for your newsletter in order to receive the course?

Yes. The course was created on MailChimp, so if you “opt-out” of receiving our newsletter you will stop the delivery of your course. By purchasing the course, you will be subscribed to the POREspective® e-mail list if you are not already a subscriber, and you will need to “opt-in” and add us to your address book to ensure proper delivery to your inbox. Be sure not to unsubscribe from the course list or you will no longer receive information and course materials related to the course purchased.

Does this course include individual coaching with Alissa or the POREspective Acne Treatment Clinic?

No. It is a self-study course only with no group participation or email/phone/FaceTime communication. Participating in the course does not create an individual coaching relationship. Any course participant who wishes to have an individual coaching relationship with Alissa or the clinic will need to schedule a separate, 30-Minute In-Clinic Acne Consultation or Virtual Acne Consultation through the online scheduler for an additional consultation fee. During the separate consultation appointment, Alissa can work with you in any area that you need extra help applying the course information to your life.

Can you guarantee specific results?

We are thrilled to bring this course to international acne-sufferers and have seen first-hand in the clinic the valuable information this course contains. The before-and-after pictures on our website and testimonials on Google are from real-live people who signed up for the course (online or in the clinic), did the work, and finally got the clear skin they’ve always wanted.

Please keep in mind that getting completely clear requires avoidance of pore-clogging makeup, hair products, sunscreen, and any additional skin care products you may be using; refraining from skin picking; eating a low-inflammatory diet and staying away from acne-causing foods; practicing lifestyle habits that keep your skin clean; and following an acne-safe skin care routine.

DISCLAIMER: Since we can’t go home with you to monitor your product usage and lifestyle decisions, we are unable to offer a money-back guarantee on this course. Given the nature of the Digital Acne Course™, there are no refunds.

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