Your Starter Acne Routine

Printable Routine

Your Starter Routine: 

This step-by-step routine covers the basic types of products every acne sufferer should use and the order to use them every day. These steps apply regardless of your Acne Type

Starter Routine: MORNING

1. POREspective® Wash or Scrub

2. ICE (OPTIONAL for inflamed lesions/cysts for 2 minutes)

3. Soothing Toner or Purifying Toner (to remove water residue or water softener)

4. Exfoliating Serum (every other morning only for the first 2-4 weeks to acclimate)

5. Daily Moisturizer

6. Approved Sunscreen

Starter Routine: EVENING

1. POREspective® Wash or Scrub

2. ICE (OPTIONAL for inflamed lesions/cysts for 2 minutes)

3. Soothing Toner or Purifying Toner (to remove water residue or water softener)

4a: Hydrating Gel (to prevent dehydration from Clearing Gel) + Clearing Gel 2.8 (every other evening only for the first 2-4 weeks to acclimate)


4b: Daily Moisturizer (on “off” nights for the first 2-4 weeks)

Creating A Starter Routine:

Knowing which products work together, how they work together, and the order to use them is very important when selecting the best skincare routine for your acne.

The information below is a great guideline to custom-select products and create your POREspective® Starter Routine, step by step!

The Products You Need (and Why)

The following table provides key details about how each product type contributes to clearing your acne, when it should be applied, and what results you can expect.

Keep in mind that with a more advanced routine, some experimentation is needed to discover which strength of products works best.

For complete details, please visit the shop pages using the links below.



Product NameWhat is this step for?Why do I need this?What results can I expect to see?
POREspective® Washes & Scrubs
(Step 1 AM/PM)
A water-soluble creamy wash or exfoliating scrub removes debris, oil, and makeup.Putting acne products on dirty skin is a waste of time and money. When your face is clean, it allows your other products to work even better, morning and evening. Cleansing with a POREspective® Wash or Scrub removes dead skin cell build up, dirt, and oil, allowing your skin to absorb your acne home care products.
POREspective® Toner
(Step 2 AM/PM)
Our well-formulated toners treat the skin while removing the last traces of makeup and chlorine in your water supply.Toners with skin-repairing ingredients like aloe vera and allantoin hydrate and replenish the skin's surface while reducing redness immediately after cleansing. Toners with glycolic acid, lactic acid, and salicylic acid treat inflamed and non-inflamed acne and reduce the appearance of pores. All toners remove makeup and water residue.Using a POREspective® toner removes makeup and chlorine residue and boosts the performance of your active acne products.
POREspective® Exfoliating Serum
(Step 3 AM)
Our exfoliating serums gently remove built-up dead skin cells and gradually reduce brown spots and discolorations, revealing clearer skin.

AHAs like Mandelic Acid and Lactic Acid exfoliate the surface of skin; BHA’s like Salicylic Acid exfoliate the surface of skin and inside the pores.

Applied every morning, exfoliating serums treat acne while protection your skin from environmental damage, including sun damage and pollution.
Acne, oily skin, and sun damage cause the surface of the skin to become abnormally thick. Exfoliating eliminates this build up that contributes to clogged pores, uneven skin tone, dark spots, dullness, and wrinkles.Morning application of a POREspective® Exfoliating Serum will unclog pores, reduce redness and breakouts, diminish wrinkles, and improve uneven skin tone. It also works as a shield against environmental pollution.

Mandelic Serum and Lactic Serum reduce the over-production of melanin, the skin pigment that causes brown spots and discolorations. Salicylic Serum reduces blackheads and oil production.

After 8 weeks of morning use of any of our serums you will see discolorations fade, texture improve, and a more even skin tone.
POREspective® Daily Moisturizer
(Step 4 AM; Step 4 PM on “off” days)
All acne types benefit from our moisturizer, applied every morning before sunscreen, and on nights off of Benzoyl Peroxide. When you use POREspective Daily Moisturizer under sunscreen, you will see smoother, hydrated and healthier skin.

May be mixed with prescription-strength vitamin A derivatives such as Differin, Retin-A, generic tretinoin, and Tazorac to increase “spreadability” and prevent dryness.
Used daily, our lotion-gel moisturizer improves your skin's healthy functioning and keeps it feeling smooth and soft. You can safely use it around the eye area.POREspective® Daily Moisturizer replaces dryness, dullness, and flakiness with healthier, hydrated skin!
POREspective® Hydrating Gel
(Step 4a PM)
Our Hydrating Gel is applied to acne-prone areas before Clearing Gel, to hydrate and calm the surface of the skin while still allowing benzoyl peroxide to penetrate the pores and kill acne-causing bacteria. The gel formulation of this hydrator makes it the only moisturizer compatible with benzoyl peroxide.When used with every application of benzoyl peroxide, POREspective® Hydrating Gel prevents the dryness and dehydration commonly seen with benzoyl peroxide use.
POREspective® Clearing Gel
(Step 4b PM)
A prescription-equivalent benzoyl peroxide to kill acne-causing bacteria inside the pores.Years of medical research prove that daily treatment with benzoyl peroxide is an essential step to treat and prevent acne. With consistent use of POREspective® Clearing Gel, you will see fewer breakouts and a reduction in large, red, swollen blemishes. Your acne will be reduced, then eliminated with consistent use over a 2-3 month period.

Clearing Gel works to clear current acne and prevent future acne; however, it is a “controlled clearance” and not a cure, requiring daily use to see results. Always start with the lowest strength of 2.8%, then work up to the next strength once your skin has adapted.
POREspective® Overnight Treatment (Step 4c PM)A synergistic combination of micronized benzoyl peroxide and sulfur to effectively dry and shrink whiteheads and pustules overnight. Micronized 10% benzoyl peroxide destroys acne-causing bacteria while 3% sulfur breaks down whiteheads and pustules and acts as an antibacterial inside the pores.After 1-2 night’s use of POREspective® Overnight Treatment, you will see pimples dry and shrink overnight.
POREspective® Enzyme Mask
An exfoliating enzyme mask that dissolves flaky skin, softens and loosens blackheads, and opens up blocked pores.Acne products can make skin dry and flaky. This mask exfoliates by dissolving the outermost layer of the skin with bromelain and papain enzymes so it looks and feels more balanced.Used several times each week, it dissolves flaky skin, softens blackheads, opens up blocked pores, and helps makeup go on flawlessly.






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