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Our acne expert takes you through the best and worst foods for acne, and easy substitutes.


My name is Alissa Chasen and I am an acne sufferer, esthetician, skin care company owner, and amateur home cook who is always looking for great recipes that I can make for my family and share with my clients.

I don’t invent recipes; I improve them. I’m not an instinctive cook, but (at least according to my nutritionist husband) the food I make is better than most of the restaurants out there. That’s because I’ve learned how to take a really good rock-solid recipe and elevate it to “clean eating for clear skin” with just a few simple substitutions.

The #CleanEatsClearSkin blog will include my favorite recipes for full body health, written especially for acne sufferers around the country. It’s really important for people with acne to realize how connected our gut health is to our skin, and my approach to treating acne from the “inside-out” and the “outside-in” is holistic and integrative. In conjunction with good acne products to speed up healing on the outside, we can create deep healing on the inside by:

  • fixing hormonal imbalances that lead to premenstrual acne flare-ups by increasing omega-3’s and fiber and cutting out sugar
  • avoiding foods that cause allergies and lead to leaky gut, like wheat, gluten, and vegetable oils
  • cutting out pasteurized and unfermented dairy that contains growth hormones, increases insulin, and turns on the oil glands
  • incorporating antioxidant-rich and anti-inflammatory fruits and vegetables that calms acne, like dark purple and red berries and dark leafy greens
  • avoiding inflammatory foods that cause candida, like mushrooms and beer

In this food blog I plan to include painless ways to get vegetables into your diet (even if you don’t like them), transportable foods for healthy eating on-the-run, best picks for restaurant eating, and family dinners even a teenager will sit down for. But most importantly, I’ll include easy-to-cook acne-safe recipes that truly taste delicious and have been tested by me, personally, over the years.

I hope you will find this blog useful, enjoyable, and flavorful. Please let me know if there’s anything you would like me to cover or a favorite recipe of yours that you need help tweaking to make it acne-friendly.

Stay clear!



Clean Eating For Clear Skin Team


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