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  • dancer acne 10

    Ask The Expert: What To Do About Dancer Acne?

    Q: My face barely had any acne before I started dancing so intensely. Now my face, chest and shoulders...

  • vitamins and supplements

    The Best Vitamins and Supplements for Acne

    Updated 8/26/17 with THE GOOD list! A multivitamin is often used to fill in gaps in your diet, but there is such...

  • protein bar

    The Best Protein Bars, Powders, and Drinks for Acne

    Updated 8/26/17 with THE GOOD list! For those of you who work out religiously and are looking for high-quality...

  • hair-acne.jpg

    Hair Product Ingredients that Cause Acne

    Updated 11/9/17 with THE GOOD list! Want beautiful hair and acne-free skin? You need to become an ingredient detective. ...

  • teen acne and back to school

    Teen Acne and Back-To-School

    Got ZITS? You’re not alone. Almost all teens get zits at one time or another. It’s called acne. Acne...

  • too many beauty products

    Is Your Makeup Causing Your Acne?

    Updated 8/19/17 with THE GOOD list! I tell my clients that there is no use applying acne medicine at...

  • bathroom-surgery.jpg

    Bathroom Surgery

    My clients ask if it’s okay to pop their own zits, but ask my in-clinic clients to sign a...

  • pros-and-cons-of-accutane

    Why Accutane Doesn’t Work

    Today posted an article on the pros and cons of Accutane, but forgot the most important point: it...