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  • dancer acne 10

    Ask The Expert: What To Do About Dancer Acne?

    Q: My face barely had any acne before I started dancing so intensely. Now my face, chest and shoulders are getting worse every day. What...

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  • protein bar

    The Best Protein Bars, Powders, and Drinks for Acne

    Updated May, 2018 with THE GOOD list! For those of you who work out religiously and are looking for high-quality protein sources, bars and...

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  • back to school teen acne

    Teen Acne and Back-To-School

    Got zits? You’re not alone. Almost all teens get zits at one time or another. It’s called acne. Acne tends to flare up when school...

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  • Clean Eats for Clear Skin Acne Blog

    My “Clean Eating For Clear Skin” Journey

      My name is Alissa Chasen, and I am an acne sufferer, esthetician, skin care company owner, and amateur home cook who is always...

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  • blog-feature-image-fitness-model-clear-skin
  • Lisa's Journey to Clear Skin with Porespective

    Lisa’s Journey to Clear Skin with POREspective

    Lisa’s teenage acne problems worsened when she started using DIY cleansers and lotions made with shea butter. Like many people, she thought natural meant...

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  • The Acne Diaries big

    The Acne Diaries: “How 3 Estheticians Fought Their Acne — & Won” on Refinery29

    Name: Alissa Chasen. Occupation: Esthetician, founder of POREspective skin clinic and products. The Acne Trigger: Going off birth control. What Finally Worked: Changing her diet,...

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  • 1-katie-b

    Kati’s Journey To Clear Skin

    My POREspective Routine 16 weeks to clear skin Kati B. from Lockhart, Texas Kati’s Story My freshman year at The University of Texas is...

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  • lauren kelp testimonial

    A Beauty Blogger’s “Skin Wizard”

    A sneak peek on the success of our beauty blogger client Lauren Kelp, who has cleared her acne with the help of POREspective acne…

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  • deep chemical peel

    Are Aggressive Skin Peels Worth It?

    A reporter from the St. Louis paper asked if aggressive peels (also know as medium, deep or dermal level peels) are worth it. As a licensed esthetician, acne...

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  • pros-and-cons-of-accutane

    Why Accutane Doesn’t Work

    Today posted an article on the pros and cons of Accutane, but forgot the most important point: it doesn’t always work. I’ve seen...

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  • acne free in time for prom

    Acne-Free In Time for Prom

    Whether you have severe acne, mild acne, or are prone to random breakouts, here are the best products and tips that you should start...

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