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“Best Paleo Diet Skin Care Products” on Refinery29


Best Paleo Diet Skin Care Products

Wondering if you should “go Paleo” with your skincare routine? I recently shared my advice about using natural beauty products with Refinery29, and the answer may surprise you. (Spoiler alert: some Paleo products can actually worsen your acne!)

Paleo Products Are Not An Acne Cure
Just because Paleo products boast more natural ingredients doesn’t mean that a full-on Paleo skin-care routine is entirely beneficial. POREspective founding esthetician Alissa Chasen notes that some Paleo skin-care products can actually worsen acne-related conditions — especially if your routine is oil-focused. “Paleo skin-care lines contain pore-clogging ingredients like shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil, and essential oils,” Chasen says. “While these ingredients smell good and are natural, they are absolutely the worst ingredients to treat acne, because the molecule is so small that they penetrate the pores quickly.”

To treat acne effectively, Chasen strongly suggests using non-Paleo products formulated with salicylic acid to cleanse pores. But if you still want to adhere to the Paleo lifestyle, she recommends focusing more on the diet as balanced eating leads to clear, beautiful skin. “You can supplement strong dermatology skin-care products with a gut-healing Paleo diet (the inside-out approach), but that will not be enough to get someone clear,” she says. “You have to start with topical products that work directly on the pores.”

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Alissa Chasen
POREspective® Acne Care Team

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