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A Beauty Blogger’s “Skin Wizard”

lauren kelp testimonial

We love our client Lauren Kelp’s mission to encourage thoughtful living without the pressure of being perfect through her gorgeous and inspiring site,

Here’s what Lauren has to say about her experience following the POREspective® home care, diet and lifestyle plan to clear her acne:

POREspective® changed my life! My skin made me afraid to speak up in meetings because I didn’t want people looking at my face. I caked on makeup, and I would almost never have my picture taken because of how it would make me feel. 

Since I live in Chicago, I scheduled a Virtual Consultation. Alissa Chasen, the brains behind the brand, was my Acne Care Consultant and incredibly empathetic. She knew what I was going through, and really worked to educate me and develop a customized home care and diet program that would work for my lifestyle. 

For someone who has tried every home remedy, prescription pill and acne regimen there is, nothing got to the root of the issue and fixed my acne permanently like POREspective®.

Alissa and POREspective® are the absolute best! I am so proud of my skin now. Thank you, Alissa, for changing my life!

Read Lauren Kelp’s article about getting clear in “Acne, At-Home Peel Pads, and My Skin Wizard”

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