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Back-to-School Acne Care


Summer is over, and it’s time to start waking up early again to take your kids to school (or go to school yourself). It’s a hectic time, and we barely have time to throw on our clothes, grab a quick breakfast, and run out the door. Here’s how to look your best while keeping your pores clear in 5 minutes flat:

1. Wash your face at the sink or in the shower.
2. Wipe a toner-soaked cotton pad over acne-prone areas
3. Apply two pumps of an exfoliating serum to your skin, which treats acne and works like a shield against environmental gunk that can clog your pores.
4. Apply a non-pore clogging sunscreen to keep acne spots from getting darker and gives a boost of hydration, such as EltaMD UV Clear SPF 46 Untinted. This is an important step that you absolutely must not skip!
4. Finish off your look with a POREspective-approved mineral makeup to even out your skin tone.

Having clear skin is all about following a consistent home care program to prevent future acne. All it takes is five minutes!

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