Q: Hey POREspective! I have been following my new skin care routine for 4 weeks, and my skin was already looking much improved. But, then I made the mistake of gorging on sushi rolls about a week ago, and I’m having a huge flare-up. My guess is that’s why I’m having such a rough skin week? Is it also expected that more impurities are continuing to push their way out? Just looking for some peace of mind. Thanks so much! -Nikki L., Austin Texas

A: Yikes! Sushi rolls are definitely the reason for your flare-up. Generally, it takes three months to clear your pores once you have taken out all of the bad products and started on a good home care routine. Sushi rolls, peanut butter and cow’s milk inflame those residual plugs and create a “popcorn effect,” flaring up dormant lesions that you didn’t know were there. I recommend staying as far away from sushi rolls as possible–they contain a whopping 1,200 mcg of iodine (to give you perspective, 1 tsp of iodized salt only contains 150 mcg). If you hadn’t had the sushi rolls, those dormant plugs would have stayed under the radar until they quietly sloughed off.

  • Watch that your food choices don’t include iodine, dairy, or peanuts. Stay away from smoothies with spirulina, ask for soy or rice paper instead of seaweed around your sushi rolls, and switch to uniodized salt when cooking. Also, drink goat’s milk or carrageenan-free almond milk instead of cow’s milk, and eat almond or cashew butter instead of peanut butter.
  • Purchase Opti-Zinc supplements. Take up to 90 mg. every day with meals to reduce the red, inflamed acne that people can see.
  • Get the plugs extracted by an acne expert!


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