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About Alissa Chasen

POREspective® founding esthetician Alissa Chasen has recently retired from the treatment room. Prior to her retirement, Alissa’s “waiting list” for seeing new clients in the clinic was years-long, limiting her ability to help everyone in need. To meet this demand, Alissa recently published “Clear Your Acne!” an E-book that represents hundreds of hours of work documenting her successful acne protocols for getting clear and staying clear. Alissa is excited to share “Clear Your Acne!” with you and acne sufferers everywhere!

Alissa’s Education and Experience

Alissa Chasen holds a bachelor’s degree with honors from the University of Houston, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude. She then completed 750 clock hours of training in esthetics at the Avenue Five Institute, where she had the highest clinical scores in her class. Alissa is a Licensed Esthetician specializing in acne. She practices in Texas, one of the few states where it is legal to administer medical extractions using a lance

Alissa has 15 years of experience in health care, dermatology, pharmaceuticals and acne, previously holding a wellness position with Methodist Health Care System’s Institute for Preventative Medicine, then pharmaceutical positions with Bristol-Myers Squibb and the dermatology division of Sanofi-Aventis, where she was the account manager for BenzaClin®. Alissa has completed training in the anatomy and physiology of acne and pharmacology of prescription-level and over-the-counter (OTC) acne medications.

Since 2011, Alissa has personally cleared thousands of client’s faces (and millions of pimples) and has received 50+ 5-star Google Reviews from her local and long-distance clients. Now you can reap the benefits of the expert behind the brand by taking her free acne quiz to get your personalized acne recommendations shipped directly to your home.

Alissa helped formulate, design and market the POREspective line of acne products, which were launched in August, 2015 after three years of successful treatment with her clinic clients, and were always tested for a minimum of six months in the acne clinic before being sold online. POREspective® Acne Control products are formulated with FDA-registered and cGMP-compliant laboratories in California, Florida, and Texas and are available to acne sufferers across the U.S.A. through the online shop page.

Alissa’s Personal Acne Journey

In addition to her medical, wellness, and pharmaceutical background, Alissa is an acne sufferer herself. She started getting blackheads as a teenager which worsened to hormonal acne in her 30s and 40s, caused by a combination of pore-clogging anti-aging skin care products, a surge in post-pregnancy hormones, and the stress of trying to balance a career with motherhood.

When years of prescription acne medications couldn’t clear her skin, Alissa carefully researched ingredients, subsequently identified products that clear acne quickly, and found the solution.

That’s when Alissa shifted from pharmaceuticals to clinical and medical esthetics, working directly with acne sufferers while assisting local dermatologists, gynecologists and pediatricians manage their acne patients.

Alissa’s Approach to Treating Acne

Alissa’s unique approach integrates conventional and complementary therapies to achieve clear skin. This comprehensive approach to acne focuses on prevention and determining the root cause of acne.

Alissa believes that acne is both inherited (genetic) and “self-inflicted” (from pore-clogging skin care products, hair products, makeup, and an inflammatory diet). Thus, by considering internal factors (leaky gut, hormonal imbalances, candida) and external factors (comedogenic products, skin picking), customizing a diet to create deep healing on the inside, and speeding up healing on the outside with an improved skin care routine and professional products, most acne sufferers should be able to achieve clear skin on a topical-only program.

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